Skin Wine


This is a young wine, kind, soft, whose presentation of 500 ml is designed to be enjoyed in solitude or with the company of the people you choose to enhance. Connect, enjoy, embellish. SKIN WINE beauty in liquid form.

Alcohol: 13.10%
Ph: 3.65
Total acidity: 5.65
Aging: Stainless steel tanks 12 months and 12 months in bottle.
Vineyards: In espalier in Cuadro Benegas District. San Rafael (Mza).
Yield: 70 q/q per hectare.
Harvest: Manual in 18kg boxes.
Elaboration: Manual selection of bunches.
Fermentation: Between 20-25 degrees C.
Maceration: 30 days with the pomace.
Marriage: Red meats, pastas, cheeses.
Serving temperature: 16 degrees C.

Oenologist | Fabricio Orlando

Tasting Notes: Red color wine with violet tones, its aromas reminiscent of ripe red fruit, with some floral notes typical of the region where the vineyard is located. In the mouth it is a medium-bodied wine, smooth, fresh and elegant.

$ 500