The creators

She is a psychologist and she knew how to command one of the most important cosmetics firms in the market, which has allowed her to know in depth the psyche of the human being. In this sense, her contribution has been invaluable for the invention and development of skin wine in terms of symbolic conception and spirit of the product. In addition, as a specialist in integral image she has managed processes of personal and professional transformation attentive to socio-cultural changes. Skin wine was created amalgamating all this vast experience acquired both in the academic field and within the international companies in which she has worked.

She is a pharmacist and physicist-mathematitian. The knowledge in cosmetic pharmacotecnic and the practice in elaboration of emulsions took her to study the own particularities of the grape and its possibilities to harness its virtues. So she was launched decided to perform with a team of experts the necessary tests to achieve duplicate the concentration of polyphenols contained in the skin and thus find an exclusive formula that gave life to the first antiage wine in the world. Her technical training coupled with her work experience linked to corporate marketing within the pharmaceutical field were key to making the first drafts of a product tailored to a consumer who seeks to feel full and comfortable with himself.

The oenologist

Skin wine was conceived more than as a product of immediate satisfaction, as a long-term pleasure-seeking therapy. Each note of this wine reflects a characteristic of a strong and courageous personality that manages to dominate a sometimes hostile and competitive environment without being a malbec that seeks its best pairing, nor a magic formula to erase the passage of time

We work tirelessly to offer a beauty product, an opportunity to meet again and prepare for a new challenge. Skin wine is an excuse to pause, look ahead and turn the steering wheel if necessary. It is an opportunity to slow down, enjoy the landscape in solitude or invite someone to share a new destination.